Mobility Care Assistance

Mobility Care Assistance
Mobility Care Assistance

Mobility Care Assistance

Our caregivers are trained to provide assistance with mobility, such as transferring in and out of bed, walking, and wheelchair assistance. We understand the importance of safety and comfort, and we strive to provide care that meets those needs.

Drivers Companion

At Care Castles Inc, we have professional drivers who are responsible for ferrying older adults to and from medical appointments, social events, and other important destinations. Our drivers have a thorough understanding of older adults for both physical and cognitive limitations that they may face. They have knowledge and skills necessary to provide compassionate and specialized care to their passengers.

Care Castles drivers received Specialized training that involves educating them about age-related changes in vision, hearing, mobility, and cognition. They learn how to identify potential safety hazards and make necessary adjustments to ensure a comfortable and secure ride for their passengers. Additionally, drivers receive training in effective communication techniques when interacting with older adults, as well as how to handle emergencies that may arise.

Non-emergency medical transportation:

Transporting seniors to and from doctor's appointments, hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare facilities.

Assisted living and nursing home transportation:

Providing transportation to and from assisted living facilities, nursing homes, or rehabilitation centers.

Grocery shopping and errands:

Assisting seniors in grocery shopping, running errands, picking up prescriptions, or any other necessary tasks.

Airport transportation:

Offering transportation to and from airports for seniors who need to travel long distances.

Group outings activities:

Arranging transportation for seniors to participate in group outings, social events, or leisure activities. Going out for a meal. Funerals and visitations. Family weddings and events. Visits with family and friends. Plays, concerts, and church. Hairdresser visits

Dry cleaning drops off and picks up:

we provide dry cleaning drops off and pick up for seniors.

Door-to-door service:

Providing door-to-door transportation service, ensuring the safety and convenience of seniors.

Accompanied transportation:

Offering travel companions who can assist seniors during their journey, provide company, or help with any additional needs.

Long-distance transportations:

Providing transportation for seniors who need to travel long distances, either for personal or medical reasons.

24hours Emergency transportation:

Offering emergency transportation services for seniors during urgent situations, such as hospital transfers or medical emergencies.

These are just a few examples, and transportation companies may also provide customized services based on the specific requirements of their senior clients.